Khamis, 19 Mei 2011

[News] How To Improve Your Vocal??Seohyun Has The Answer

At a press conference on November 2nd, SNSD members revealed their interest in their maknae’s ‘love’ relationship with her virtual hubby, Yonghwa. Her unnies cried playfully in unison, “we’re jealous” every time the subject about the Goguma Couple was raised in the interview. Due to her playful unnies, maknae became shy and blushed.

Seohun said, “I think my unnies are more interested than me as they have been monitoring it so closely for my sake. This happens probably because it is an experience i do not get every day. My unnies have been urging me to hold his hands. I feel really shy”.

SNSD members thought that Seohyun has changed ever since her ‘marriage’ and Tiffany explained, “In our new mini-album, there are certain parts (Seohyun’s parts) in the songs that highlight the change in her vocals. Is it because now she could express her emotions in the songs? There has been improvement in her vocals and expressions in singing. Maybe we should start dating too”.

Seohyun who was shy when asked about Yongseo, shook her hands repeatedly to put a stop to all the teasing but her naughty unnies, as expected, would not let her go. They kept on teasing her with shouts of “Oh!”, “Really?”, “Whoa”, making Seobaby’s face turned even more reddish.

Tiffany further explained, “In fact, these changes have never happened to our maknae before. We find these changes really funny. She has changed. She has changed”. After that, Taeyeon said in a soft voice, “Actually, I was married too (to Jung Hyungdon) but…I was forced to divorce”. Upon hearing that, everyone burst into laughter.

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