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Tip To Use Eco Handkercheif With Yoona

Tips to Use Eco Handkerchief with Yoona
Korean representative of skin and beauty, Yoona stood out to protect the environment. Even one trivial use, will clean the environment, like your skin. Innisfree model Yoona teaches and proposes to use the eco handkerchief.

(T/N: Some of the text was illegible, so I tried to just write the gist. Sorry.)
1.Picnic Type, Snack Type…Instead of napkin, eco handkerchief!

When you go to a picnic with your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or family instead of using napkins or newspapers to sit on, use the eco handkerchief. Also, when you are eating a sandwich from a menu, use a handkerchief instead of a napkin.

2.Present it as a romantic hair decoration!

If you want a style like Yoona, use the handkerchief as a hairband or tie it around your waist.

3.Use it as a prop for your empty bag!

Your mom has an old vintage bag and wants to make it stylish. However, does it look too old and worn out? Don’t worry, if you tie an eco handkerchief it will look vintage and have an edgy style. When you tie the handkerchief around your bag, you can wipe away water and clean your hands. There is nothing better than this.

4.Use it as a pretty scarf!

If today it seems like something is missing from your style, the eco handkerchief you put in your bag can be put around your neck. Even with just a handkerchief, you can look at yourself as a fashionista. The fashion prop of the eco handkerchief can change you through the seasons.

Quote: With one small handkerchief, make the earth clean and healthy. Innisfree eco handkerchief protects the environment.

5.When you sweat, instead of a water towel, use your handkerchief.

Using it as a bracelet stylishly, when you sweat use the eco handkerchief, instead of a napkin or tissue.

6.Wearing a miniskirt day. More useful

Wearing a miniskirt or short pants, it is true to sit carefully. During this time, take out the handkerchief from your bag and put it on top of your knees lightly. Eco handkerchief will turn you into a woman with a lot of sense.

7.When drinking a cold drink, instead of a paper cup holder use the handkerchief.

When I drink a cold drink, I take a couple of napkins without knowing and I use it to wipe the water droplets from the cup’s surface. However at this time, instead of using napkins or cup holder, use a handkerchief. Even though now they make recycled paper cup holders, by using the eco handkerchief I am making the earth and environment healthier. Also, if we decrease the use of napkins and cup holders, we will save trees and will be able to protect the forests.

8.Instead of disposable tissue, use the handkerchief to wipe your hands.

When you go the bathroom once and use a tissue, the consumption is larger than you think it is. For example, if 3,050 people use the bathroom, inadvertently pay money for a tissue we use, it will 245 million won and will be an enormous price.
Carrying the eco handkerchief, instead of using a paper towel, you can decrease the numbers by half.

Mini Interview

Q: How do you feel being the Innisfree representative model of the eco handkerchief campaign?
A: Using me as a model for Innisfree, it is one of the best campaigns and overall it makes me feel really warm. I will always think about it and it makes me happy that I can be of use

Q: Were you ever interested in the environment before?
A: While I was being part of ‘SNSD’ and did a lot of concerts, I felt a great sense of pride our nation is cleaner than other nations and whenever someone throws a small trash just anywhere I feel sad.

Q: Yoona, you directly sang about ‘Eco Handkerchief’. Was there a fun episode?
A: I always sang a member part, so this was my first time singing solo. It was true that I felt a burden that I was singing my own song. However, to my own music style, the song came out well and I was happy to send a message about the environment through the song I sang.

Q: On August 21, they are saying that they are distributing eco handkerchief at the opening SM Town Concert to fans…
A: We will distribute eco handkerchiefs to 4000 ‘SNSD’ fans that want it. To match ‘SNSD’ singing, instead of lightsticks, they will wave handkerchiefs and will be able to use it. While also being able to cheer, through the eco handkerchief, they can use it for more ways than they can think of.

Q: From one of the eco handkerchief tips, what can you use it for directly in your life?
A: ‘SNSD’ members all use cup instead of mug cups. Also after we wash our hands in the bathroom, we use the handkerchief to wipe the water. Since there are 9 of us, we decreased the number of tissues by a lot (Laughs).

Q: You participated in the eco handkerchief design. What did you think was the most important thing about the design?
A: Truthfully, I was at the level of just giving ideas. I like spring and even though I know the earth has global warming it seems like spring has becoming livelier. So hoping for a long spring, the “Spring” handkerchief created.

Q: Is there a secret to keeping your skin clean?
A: I try to drink a lot of water, and the days I drink a lot of water, my skin is kept moisturized for a long time. Also, I carry Innisfree green tea mineral mist around and use it accordingly. And I don’t forget to use Innisfree skin mask before I sleep.

Q: Yoona, would you offer any campaigns?
A: Whenever I shop, I use a shopping basket. When it’s a free day, the members and I go to the mart and we always carry around a shopping basket. Pull out cords you don’t use and use eco handkerchief and don’t forget to save our planet. Yoona and the other ‘SNSD’ members will practice that too with you. (Laughs)

9.Use the handkerchief as gift-wrap.

‘The taste of opening a present” there is such a saying and with the quality gift-wrap of the handkerchief, there is no feeling of waste. Using paper coating as gift-wrap will be hard, so instead use the eco handkerchief. It’s double the quality, and the sense is double.

10.For a cellphone screen cleaner, Eco Handkerchief is enough.

In your life, while you take care of your skin, you just leave cellphone screen stain. However, it will ruin your skin when you hold it. Clean cellphone screen stains all the way to the end. If you don’t clean it, germs will go to your skin. To erase the troubles, what do you need then? It’s the eco handkerchief, to clean your cellphone screen.

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